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Our Story:

 Born in 2000 as a fashion fabrics outlet in a small town in San Francisco Bay Area, our company started as a retail shop catering to local fashion designers. The founder, Sammy Wo, attracted aspiring designers by having one of the largest selections of hand picked fabrics at wholesale prices in the area, all crammed into a small space of his shop. The company started with just three people running the entire business.  With Sammy's background in fashion design and pattern making, the budding artists flocked to Sammy's shop seeking his services in pattern and garment construction as well as advice on how to bring their creations to life. However, designers were not the only ones who loved spending countless hours in his cozy shop where he had bar stools set next to the cutting table. This area quickly filled up by local seamstresses, crafters, and those who were just learning to sew. They would sit at the cutting table and chat with Sammy about their projects, family, travels, and life experience, sometimes for hours. The shop became community's hang out where people would come together to talk about their projects, shop and always find a listening ear in Sammy along with professional advice and a bright smile. 

Fast forward five years Sammy met Oksana, who at that time had a successful career in banking, but always had a passion for working with textiles. A friend told Oksana about Sammy's shop and she decided to check it out. She left with a bundle of beautiful material to make her first runway dress. Before she left, she saw several ladies sitting on high bar stools next to the cutting table and said with a smile: "Sammy, your store is a fabric bar!" This is how the idea of the name Fabric Bistro was born but it took ten more years to get there. Experiencing a burn out after many years in high paced corporate world and trying to balance family life, Oksana decided to take a step of faith and quit her job. This allowed Sammy and Oksana to put their heads together and start reimagining the business. Oksana's love for textiles and design and Sammy's prior experience as a business owner was a perfect match, but they still faced challenges. Running business in San Francisco Bay Are came with a high price tag and they decided to look for opportunities in the South. After taking a trip to South Carolina, it became clear to them this is where they want to start a new chapter in their lives. 

They put down roots in Columbia, South Carolina which is a great place to raise a family and run a business. It took a couple of years to figure out the new direction but with a few trials and errors, the business shifted from fashion design to all encompassing home decor: upholstery, window treatments, decorative pillows, outdoor cushions and wallcoverings. Representing well respected brands, such as  Schumacher and Thibaut, gave the company an edge above the competition.

Today, Fabric Bistro is a global business. We employ an incredible team of people across the United States and Europe. Our upholsterers have a combined experience of 80 years. Our workroom can fabricate designer window treatments, pillows and cushions. We also provide professional assistance to those who don't know where to begin in their home decor journey and are seeking advice. We assist with the appropriate fabric selection, design consultation and provide cost estimates. Those who can handle interior design projects on their own or desire to save on a professional designer's services find a perfect partner in us. 

Our goal is to continue growing global presence by offering custom made to order products, such as artisan pillows and window treatments, expanding our presence to new territories and marketplaces. Our company never stays stagnant and our passion for textiles and one of a kind products compels us to develop new business ideas and product offerings both in South Carolina and worldwide. We are grateful for our valuable clients who continue to return to us and friends who cheered us on this journey.